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Democrats take America?

Recent news tells us of how the balance of power has shifted in Washington with recent voting. The House of Representatives now has a Democrat majority, and the Senate has swung in their direction too UPDATE: There is now a Democrat majority in the Senate. Donald Rumsfeld has stepped down as Secretary of Defence. What I […]

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Stamp Rage

Sometimes I think the Royal Mail ought to give up producing any seasonal stamps. They never seem to manage it without getting in trouble. Stamp rage strikes again The Royal Mail has a policy of alternating between religious and non-religious designs for its festive stamps. This year is a non-religious year, but that hasn’t stopped […]

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More on that press conference

Unfortunately, being behind on the modern-day business lingo (since when has “teaming” been a word?) I struggled slightly to keep up with the conference. It does seem to me, however, that Microsoft has teamed up with Novell to help with two areas: virtualisation interoperability Both of these issues have been a problem and I think […]

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Knock me down with a feather…

There’s rumours on the Internet – and we all know what they mean… Or do we? Have a look at Novell’s share price. Then have a look at some of the links on the right. Especially this one: Novell Shares Spike 20% As Wall St Journal Reports Microsoft To Start Reselling SUSE LINUX In a […]

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A Debate – Should there be an inquiry into the Iraq War?

Here’s the start of a BBC article about yesterday’s House of Commons debate: At-a-glance: Iraq inquiry debate Here are the key points from the House of Commons debate on the call for an inquiry into the Iraq war.   Adam Price The Plaid Cymru MP opened the debate by saying the Iraq war was a […]

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Full Feeds Again

The Full Feeds Petition seems to have reached stagnation. Please help the cause and go and sign it.

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Captcha – the bug is catching

Over at Coding Horror, there’s a big post up about Captcha effectiveness. I seemed to have developed an interest in these – I’ve discussed the issue before here and here. A Captcha is a “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart” – one of those little images with mangled letters which […]

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Early Adoption

For some reason, I have become an early adopter. I’m currently using Windows Live Writer to create this post. It’s a simple way to write blog entries offline. It downloads your blog templates and current posts and therefore lets you preview exactly how it will look. All rather clever. It’s somewhat surprising, really, that I’m […]

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And it ends

But in rather a nice way… You won’t believe me, but it’s installed already. This post comes from Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista. That’s a half-hour install for an entire operating system. Blimey.

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It has begun…

For a while now, I’ve been building a new computer. I put it all together and it seemed to work. Hurrah! So then I tried to install an operating system. I reached for something free – Linux. Unfortunately, despite trying installation CDs from 5 different distributions, they all failed. Hurroo. Yesterday, however, something exciting and […]

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Going to the Toilet

Going to the toilet at a urinal is fraught (sp?) with danger. It’s not really permitted to stand next to another man while going; at least one urinal should be left “spare” to provide a safety barrier. A safety barrier against what now? I’ve always conformed to the unwritten rules of urination, even if not […]

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Back online

Well, my Internet access has returned, finally. It’s been off for a week or so, and I hadn’t bothered to go and fix it. There was always a chance that somebody had taken an exception to my downloading GBs of Linux ISOs and MS Visual Studio Express – and I didn’t really want to risk […]

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Terrorists in Britain

One day, I shall look back and say: “When I was younger, Britain faced constant terrorist attack.” Hang on… isn’t that the case now? When I was younger, Britain faced constant terrorist attack. My home city was bombed, and hundreds of people were killed during the struggle. Only this time, it was the IRA doing […]

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I seem to be wasting an inordinate amount of time computing at the moment. I thought buying a new computer would make my life simpler, but unfortunately it hasn’t. As usual, I’ve entered the great operating system game, where you try and make the computer work and it uses every possible tactic to prevent you. […]

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Swindon (again)

Well, we scored the Swindon. It was OK in the end, although lacking the musical excitement of Bristol. Unfortunately the bells were hard work and my hands hurt. Oh well.

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Sign the Full Feeds petition

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Part of blogging, I find, is that often one plans enormous posts, full of exciting viewpoints and arguments, but these never get written. How is it that I can so perfectly plan what should be said, but when I sit down at the computer then nothing comes out? Often I think that the main problem […]

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Online ordering

Why do so many online ordering firms require landline phone numbers? In the modern age many people rely more on mobile phones. My mobile phone will get through to me at any time of day, and often night as well. A business landline might reach me 9:00-5:00, a home one at other times (except I […]

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

The Guardian, (and now most of the internet) have been complaining: Air traffic controllers monitoring a British Airways jumbo jet were stunned at the pilot’s decision to try to “get as far as we can” after an engine caught fire on takeoff, a transcript of discussions between the plane and the control tower revealed.The controllers […]

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For those who use contact lenses

You my be interested to know that this: was sold containing fungus. I’m not quite sure why you all see the need to use these things.

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