Stamp Rage

Sometimes I think the Royal Mail ought to give up producing any seasonal stamps. They never seem to manage it without getting in trouble.

Stamp rage strikes again

The Royal Mail has a policy of alternating between religious and non-religious designs for its festive stamps. This year is a non-religious year, but that hasn’t stopped the Daily Express screaming that “Christ is dumped from Christmas stamps”, and phoning round the usual suspects for outraged “political correctness gone mad” quotes.

So the pattern we have is: Royal Mail follows traditional policy, Daily Express doesn’t realise, Daily Express writes emotive and sensational story. Here’s the start of their article:

BUNGLING mail chiefs were yesterday accused of taking the Christ out of Christmas.

And then the end:

The stamp controversy is a result of the Royal Mail’s policy of alternating between religious and non-religious designs each Christmas. A spokesman said yesterday the festive stamp collections had always alternated.

“It is about celebrating all elements of Christmas,” he said. “It is something that we have always done. I think people will see this year’s issue of stamps as a first class set of Christmas stamps.”

So if they new this, why the enormous headline and angry opening? Personally I think the “journalist” is hoping that nobody will bother to read to the end of the column. And they say the media is impartial?

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