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Link clear out (79)

From Matt Cutts: John Walker’s Strike Out idea: I usually stop reading a document after the first misspelling. Read the whole Strike Out article.

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Link clear out (78)

Here’s some posts on NHS Blog Doctor about the decline of the BBC. There’s a really good summary here, with some background information here and here.

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Windows Vista Released

Windows Vista has now been officially released. It’s available on Amazon for those who want it. There’s been excitement around the launch, with dancers jumping around billboards in the US and other such fun. To mark this event, PC World have reposted two articles, Windows Vista: 15 Reasons to Switch and Wait! Don’t Buy Microsoft […]

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Google Bombing – An End to the Fun?

I’ve discussed Google bombing before here. Apparently, Google have made some algorithm changes to reduce their impact. From their webmaster blog: We wanted to give a quick update about “Googlebombs.” By improving our analysis of the link structure of the web, Google has begun minimizing the impact of many Googlebombs. Now we will typically return […]

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Moore’s Law

From Wikipedia: Moore’s Law is the empirical observation made in 1965 that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit for minimum component cost doubles every 24 months. It is attributed to Gordon E. Moore (born 1929), a co-founder of Intel. Intel have just seen a breakthrough in chip design which have ensured this will […]

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Copycat Computing

As usual I’ve been accumulating a whole host of links in my feed reader without commenting on them. Here’s a few to help clear out the pile. Robert Scoble points out a post at the top of Techmeme. The post, by Yahoo!’s Jeremy Zawodny calls out Google for copying one of the splash pages on […]

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Sony fails to appreciate pornography

Robert Scoble makes an intriguing point here, linking to this page. Has Sony gone mad? Prominent adult movie producer Digital Playground says it is forced to use HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, because Sony does not allow XXX-rated movies to be released on Blu-ray. It does not matter how you stand to porn. It is here […]

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Today I’m eating a Sainsbury’s Basics range Macaroni Cheese meal cooked in the microwave. It tastes of virtually nothing. Although it was stupidly cheap so I suppose that makes up for it. Coincidentally I came upon this chap who has spent the month of November living on a food budget of only $30. That’s about 50p […]

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Gratuitous Wasting of Space

…to say “Merry Christmas” “Happy New Year” “You’re all muppets, get out of my face”

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