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More musings, this time on auditions

Recently I’ve been involved in auditioning candidates for scholarships, based on organ-playing or singing abilities. Before I start, I’d like to point out that my views are nothing to do with Cambridge University, or Robinson College. Why is it that I’m so nervous, when I’m the one doing the interviewing? Could it be that I’m […]

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Musings on evangelism

One of the interesting things happening in the Church of England at the moment is the wave of alternative forms of worship which have been spreading across the country. Many people (including myself) still swear by the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (revised 19 hundred and something). Since then it has been (a fair bit) […]

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Death in the dome (2)

A quite well-reasoned post from a messageboard: You know, not to be insensitive, but I wondered at the time if some of the horrors coming out of both places was (atleast partially) bullshiat. I mean, so you get a story of some 9 year old being raped and having her throat cut at the Superdome… […]

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Death in the dome

One of the things that struck me about the coverage of hurricane Katrina was the enormous death tolls reported from the “Superdome” in New Orleans. Tracking this via. the BBC, we hear detailed tales of suicides, rapes, murder, gangland violence… I’ve searched out several articles which may prove illuminating. The first consists of eyewitness accounts […]

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America’s Tsunami?

I’m sure someone will write in to complain about this, but here goes… I was slightly uneasy when I first heard, on BBC News, comparisons being drawn between hurricane Katrina in America, and the Asian Tsunami disaster of Boxing Day (26th September for non-UK people) 2004. I was at first just unsettled at the concept […]

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A new class system in Cambridge

Firstly I’d like to apologise for not saying anything for a while. My dial-up connection has shredded any hopes I may have had to keep up-to-date. To break the silence, I thought I’d open with an observation on life in Cambridge: The residents hate the students.They in turn hate the tourists.Everybody hates the beggars.

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