Terrorists in Britain

One day, I shall look back and say: “When I was younger, Britain faced constant terrorist attack.”

Hang on… isn’t that the case now?

When I was younger, Britain faced constant terrorist attack. My home city was bombed, and hundreds of people were killed during the struggle. Only this time, it was the IRA doing the bombing.

Same situation, different people. The interesting thing is that we don’t seem able to cope with this new threat. Everyone’s running round saying how terrible it is and how we ought to change our foreign policy to stop winding everybody up.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think that lots of the people complaining seem to be fairly young. They may have grown up with the IRA threats, but didn’t fully appreciate them. This whole “state of war” thing is really throwing them. Perhaps it’s the case that the ordinary man in the street really couldn’t care less about the supposed risk of death in the streets of Britain. Perhaps that’s because he’s lived through it all before.

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