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They tell me that the latest phenomenon to hit the internet today is a blook. An online book. Not sure why the word book gains an ‘l’ – to me that implies that the word “blog” should be an online bog, which can’t be true… Nowadays you can go straight to Lulu and upload your blook. Anyone […]

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Blog Updates

The cheeky people at Blogger have been updating their engine, temporarily breaking the beast which is Windows Live Writer. No matter, a quick journey to the writer home page, a seamless install and we’re going again. They do tell me that it’s possible to blog from MS Word these days, though I’m quite happy with […]

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I’d just like to point out that Madeira Cake is very high on the list of greatest cakes known to humanity. It manages to be luxuriously moist, proving far better than many inferior sponge cakes which generally prove to be dry and crumbly. It’s not quite up there with Mille-feuille, of course, which combines several […]

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