Going to the Toilet

Going to the toilet at a urinal is fraught (sp?) with danger. It’s not really permitted to stand next to another man while going; at least one urinal should be left “spare” to provide a safety barrier.

A safety barrier against what now?

I’ve always conformed to the unwritten rules of urination, even if not entirely sure why. However nowadays there is a new fashion developing which is somewhat confusing. Nowadays, if there is someone using one of the urinals, the next person will often go to one of the toilets, and go there instead, even if they’re JUST PISSING. (I’ve always wanted to write obscenities in capital letters on the internet… and now’s my chance.)

Why is it so necessary to avoid going to the toilet near anyone else? Is it latent homophobia, is it some sort of cultural norm which has developed more recently? I can’t imagine it being the slightest worry twenty years ago.

It’s time for you, the viewer, to decide. Press “A” on your keypads if you believe that….

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