Part of blogging, I find, is that often one plans enormous posts, full of exciting viewpoints and arguments, but these never get written. How is it that I can so perfectly plan what should be said, but when I sit down at the computer then nothing comes out?

Often I think that the main problem is the latency. Even in our connected world, it can take me several hours to get to a computer. That great thought will be forgotten.

Perhaps the greatest thoughts of the millennium are out there waiting to be written down? Perhaps that’s a reflection on the transient nature of our existence. Whatever I may do, say, or think, unless I get any of it published then it’s unlikely to outlive me. Maybe I will end up studying for a PhD (or similar), maybe I spend my life in research and publish hundreds of papers. Even then, all that will be published is my work. None of my private thoughts, none of the intrigues and observations produced in response to humanity will live beyond me.

Blimey, I feel almost sober now.

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