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CloudFormation 2 – importing resources into a CDK stack

In my previous post I mentioned that I was starting to migrate some existing CloudFormation templates to be generated using TypeScript and Amazon’s Cloud Development Kit. I started with some simple static websites that are hosted from S3 buckets, and for these simple sites found it easiest to completely tear down the old infrastructure and […]

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Chiming at St Paul’s

The COVID pandemic has affected the life of almost everybody on earth in innumerable ways. One of its lesser-known effects has been the near-total suspension of the ringing of church bells in the English style (change ringing). This is certainly trivial in the grand scheme of things, but the cancellation of my favourite hobby has […]

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I’ve been using AWS CloudFormation for many years to manage infrastructure created on the Amazon Web Services platform. Trying to configure such an environment manually is tedious and error-prone. It’s more efficient and reliable to do so automatically – managing infrastructure as code. It’s actually a few years since I last used CloudFormation professionally, and […]

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