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Some handy eclipse plugins

Update: this is currently tested for Eclipse Juno, although I hope to update this for Kepler in the near future. I’ve been making more use of Eclipse recently as an IDE. I’ve been using Aptana (which is based on Eclipse) for a few years now, but I’m spending less time coding in PHP so it […]

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ReST Syntax Highlighting

I’ve talked before about writing documentation using Sphinx. Sphinx uses ReST (ReStructured Text) which is great, but sometimes a pain to edit without any form of syntax highlighting. Luckily it was pretty easy to track down an Eclipse plugin to do this. First add a new software source URL like this: Then tick the box […]

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I’ve recently started working with MongoDB at work: it forms a core part of our tracking and reporting infrastructure, and all events that we track are slotted tidily into a Mongo database. Mongo has been getting some criticism of late, and while most of this has been largely misdirected (not using the right tool for […]

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