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New Blog: Mediawatchwatch

I’ve just discovered this blog, called mediawatchwatch. It’s quite good, and I intend to follow it for a bit. Going through the archives I found this post. Norwich vicar defends SpringerThe Rev Peter Nokes of St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich has been standing up for Jerry Springer: The Opera. He told the Norwich Evening […]

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MSN Search

I searched for Leigh Simpson on MSN Search, and look what I found. I’m not convinced that the search was working properly. If you want to create a similar search which doesn’t seem to work properly, go to http://www.msnsearchspoof.com/.

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I’ve ranted before about the proliferation of image verification systems. In my case, I was ranting about the fact that Yahoo! was making me fill in a box when I sent an email. Luckily that’s declined, I get a verification box about every hundred messages or so, which seems fair enough. The new problem is […]

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