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I’ve just discovered this blog, called mediawatchwatch. It’s quite good, and I intend to follow it for a bit. Going through the archives I found this post.

Norwich vicar defends Springer
The Rev Peter Nokes of St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich has been standing up for Jerry Springer: The Opera. He told the Norwich Evening News:

“The so-called blasphemy scenes are all portrayed as a kind of dream in Springer’s mind. I don’t think they are blasphemous because they are in a dream. The writers are saying that Jerry Springer is manipulative. It is not about God. It’s about the lack of dignity in which he treats people’s problems.”

He expressed his view that most mainstream church leaders and Christians in Norwich distanced themselves from the extremist anti-Springer activists.

Unlike most of the protestors, this Rev has actually seen the show – twice on DVD – and he intends to see it live in Norwich when it arrives in May. This places him at an advantage over the BNP/Christian Voice complainers, as he is in a position to understand what the show is about.

This falls coincidentally quite close to home, as I’ve just been up to St Peter Mancroft several times, as Oliver has said, and I also intend to go and see Jerry Springer: The Opera when it appears in Cambridge.

Our College Chaplain wrote a good discussion about the opera itself.

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