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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s good enough to discuss again. Some websites, such as those operated by newspapers or scientific journals (among many others), are perfectly happy to give you lots of information for free. Annoyingly though, they want you to sign up first, providing them an email address and […]

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Apologies to anyone…

…who reads this in a feed aggregator. I’ve just republished the previous two posts about twenty times trying to get the paragraph spacing right. I think we’re there now.

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Weapons to Iraq

From Nick Cohen writing in the Evening Standard (via Norm): What percentage of Saddam Hussein’s weapons came from Britain and America? I askbecause on the rare occasions the BBC mentions Saddam’s genocidal crimes italways says he was ‘armed by the West.’I bet you can’t guess the answer.According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a […]

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