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Link Hoarding (2)

Ed Bott has been discussing the trends on his site for browser usage. The last time I published these stats was on April 30, 2006. The share of visitors using Firefox or Mozilla has dipped roughly 1% since then, from 35.2% down to 34.18%. It’s still a bit higher than the August 2005 share of 33.2%, […]

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Link Hoarding

For a while now I’ve been collecting links on Bloglines which I keep meaning to talk about. Unfortunately they’re all out of date now, but you can still hear about them anyway. Here’s an exciting one about the world of driving: (From the Pedant-General about this document) It is not speed that kills, it is inappropriate […]

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CICCU on Sex – This should be fun

The Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union are an irritating thorn in the side of moderate Christians throughout Cambridge. And I don’t think I’m being harsh, either. This week’s TCS contains an enormous feature on what CICCU think about sex. Sex outside marriage, contraception, and homosexuality feature strongly. It’s a hoot. Ideally I’d give you a link […]

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Democrats take America?

Recent news tells us of how the balance of power has shifted in Washington with recent voting. The House of Representatives now has a Democrat majority, and the Senate has swung in their direction too UPDATE: There is now a Democrat majority in the Senate. Donald Rumsfeld has stepped down as Secretary of Defence. What I […]

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