I thought I’d provide a software review for your delectation. I’m new to the field, so please don’t be too scathing!

One of the things I find about applications, is I like them to go “swish.” They need to be slick, well-oiled, do the job they’re built for, and look pretty. Thus I find that Trillian joins the ranks of Microsoft Visual Studio and Mac OS X (please note that VS looks better in real life)!

Trillian is an instant-messaging application which acts as a client for MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, and IRC chat services. As such, it’s incredibly useful for people who use more than one of these services, as they now only need to use one application.

By far the best feature for me, however, is the email account system. The application will give a count of messages in my Inbox, and not only that but on a click of the mouse it will open Internet Explorer and load it, having signed in automatically! That saves a ridiculous amount of time (and possibly leaves a small security hole, since the password is stored in plain text on my computer, but I’m sure it will be fine…..)

I’ve never used IRC, but look forward to trying it out later. I’m sure it’ll be a voyage of discovery (maybe).

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