Daily Archives: November 17, 2005

Sleeping Patterns

As I’ve mentioned, I’m having trouble with sleep at the moment. I decided that researching alternative sleeping patterns might be a good move. Here’s some of the better ideas: The 28-hour day is designed to provide more free time. The main advantages are that I’ll have more time; more time for work, and more time […]

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At the moment I’m suffering a little bit due to lack of regular sleeping patterns. It’s hard at university to maintain regular sleep, due to the pressures of work and social life. As an example, I was quite proud to have stayed up until 5.00am on Monday working. I got all the work done that […]

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Hurrah! I seem to have email access again, which means I waste a whole lot less time on the computer. The only problem seems to be that I’ll have to do more work to use up the spare time I’ve got! Let’s hope it’s not temporary.

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