Good news sources

OK, now I’ve given up on lots of conventional news sources (not entirely true), how do I get my news?

Web 2.0 isn’t something which means very much to me, although perhaps others have a clearer idea of what it means. I think that much of the definition comes down to the idea of “community” projects. Wikipedia is a community project, and is often lauded as being a pretty good encyclopaedia. You see, in the olden days you’d pay for Britannica online or something, but now you just look on Wikipedia, which is free after all.

Flickr is also free. It’s community-driven, letting you add tags to your photos and stream them via. RSS. Digg, Memeorandum and are all sites which track popular blogs and news stories. In this way the community gets to choose what is popular.

One day blogs might take over from newspapers. I’ll wait and see.

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