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Facebook is an online community-building website similar to MySpace. Both of these websites collect personal information. For me, my most jealously-guarded secret tends to be my email address. Thanks to a little bit of care (and another email address I use to sign up to crap) I’ve kept my spam down to an acceptable level. […]

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…doesn’t seem to have hit Blogger yet. As a test, this post is going out at 22:39 here in Cambridge. I’ll be intrigued to see what the timestamp says.

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Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Or not, actually. It’s Ken, again. The mayor of London criticised Robert Tuttle while bemoaning the US embassy’s insistence that its diplomatic staff should not pay the congestion charge because they view it as a tax. Embassies are exempt from all local tax under the 1961 Vienna convention. Mr Livingstone told ITV’s London Today: “It […]

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… this makes quite a lot of sense. Wherever people live in fear, with no prospect of advance, we should be on their side; in solidarity with them, whether in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burma, North Korea; and where countries, and there are many in the Middle East today, are in the process of democratic development, we […]

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This chap works for Microsoft. He works on the networking team. This picture may give a sense of how complicated Vista is going to be: Every single little square is a new feature for the networking stack. And people think making this stuff is easy?

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