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Top 10

I’ve often thought that the idea of a “Top 10 Chart” is somewhat poorly-thought out. Inevitably it will start to drive itself along; a book which hits the number one spot may sell twice as many copies and stay there for twice as long. Thus less popular books won’t make it into the chart and […]

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Good news sources

OK, now I’ve given up on lots of conventional news sources (not entirely true), how do I get my news? Web 2.0 isn’t something which means very much to me, although perhaps others have a clearer idea of what it means. I think that much of the definition comes down to the idea of “community” […]

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A load of C.R.A.P.

A corner of this page discusses the current proliferation of Digital Rights Management techniques: ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind suggests that CRAP or Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection, is a catchier phrase than DRM – Digital Rights Management. Why does he think this technology is crap? Once you’ve bought music or other content to play […]

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