It’s OK, the software knows best

I find the attitude of some software developers ridiculously arrogant. They all think that they know best. They know the best algorithms, they write in the best language, and above all, they make the best decisions.

Sometimes, however, I’m not so sure.

Today I decided to clear out the small toolbar which acts as a menu bar in Internet Explorer 7. This shares the same space as the tabs for each page I have open, so I like it kept small and tidy so it doesn’t infringe on my browsing. I don’t need the “Home Page” button as I can Google-search via the address bar. I certainly don’t need a Skype button; if I want to make a call I’ll start the application myself.

Next time I start IE, what do I find? Yes, that’s right, the Skype add-on has restored its toolbar button, despite me having just removed it seconds ago. It’s OK, the developers know best. They know that I couldn’t possibly do without their piece of software.

Well, tough luck, I know best. I’ve disabled all your browser plug-ins, rendering your button-replacing system impotent. Ha!

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