They tell me that the latest phenomenon to hit the internet today is a blook. An online book. Not sure why the word book gains an ‘l’ – to me that implies that the word “blog” should be an online bog, which can’t be true…

Nowadays you can go straight to Lulu and upload your blook. Anyone can download it and you can even charge to make money! Hurrah! All I need now is a book and somebody to buy it.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Lulu is the option to publish your book. That’s right, for real, actual publishing. To me this seems like one of the most useful options. Suppose I’ve a massive pdf document and I can’t be bothered to read it online. If I print it i’ll end up with a right mess of pages falling apart. So instead I can upload it and order a printed copy, hardbound if I desire, and the rates aren’t insane.

For a while I’ve had plans to try and compile a modicum of Change Ringing theory into a text. My lack of knowledge implies a selection of contributors may need to be chosen, but it’s a relief to realise that the hard job of having the thing printed is actually quite a bit easier than anticipated.

The question now is whether anyone will want to spend £40 on a full-colour 500-page ringing textbook…

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