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Recently I did a project on Image Compression. One of our test images was a picture of a woman’s head. This picture. We joked a little that this must be a particularly male subject to study, since it’d be hard to justify using a picture of a woman if there were lots of female students […]

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A brave new world?

I’ve been reading some fiction books for a change. It’s quite exciting. I read the following tomes: 1984 – George Orwell (full text online)Brave New World – Aldous Huxley I was struck by the different techniques used to control the population in each book, and, in particular, the different attitudes of each author towards sexual […]

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Firefox (again)

I’ve not updated properly for a while, but this kicked me into action. It references a post by Asa Dotzler with the exciting title “microsoft security manager calls users stupid.” A couple of months ago, Mike Danseglio, the Program Manager for the Security Solutions group at Microsoft blamed users for the Windows security nightmare, saying […]

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