Death in the dome (2)

A quite well-reasoned post from a messageboard:

You know, not to be insensitive, but I wondered at the time if some of the horrors coming out of both places was (atleast partially) bullshiat. I mean, so you get a story of some 9 year old being raped and having her throat cut at the Superdome… Horrible, yes, and then the same story comes out of the Astrodome? I mean, I highly doubt that. Plus, nobody comes forward or presses charges when the cops show up and say “where’s the asshat who did this?” Sure you’re scared, but if some random idiot RAPED YOUR CHILD, you’d find the first cop who’d listen. And everybody’s like “WE SAW IT HAPPEN!” except, you know, nobody DID.I mean, we also had refugees that swore, SWORE that the levees had been bombed in the poor areas to save the wealthy parts of the city and there were four explosions and somebody ate a baby and blah blah blah… It’s amazing how far one rumor or half truth can spread…

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