Daily Archives: April 27, 2006

Firefox fanboys again

Now I’ll admit I haven’t always given Firefox a good press. But sometimes I think they don’t set themselves up in the nicest way. The religious fervour of Firefox fans goes to the levels of extremism. Yes, maybe you like it. But it’s a web browser. Get a life. I had mixed feelings, therefore, reading […]

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The power of RSS

Somebody today said to me in the pub that he didn’t believe that I read every blog in my sidebar. So I thought I ought to show how it’s done. Here is a screenshot of Bloglines which I use to subscribe to RSS feeds: In the left-hand pane is a list of every blog I […]

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Has the independent gone barmy

This post at Harry’s Place discusses a feature in the independent giving credence to the old conspiracy theory that “The Jews control the world.” The theory itself, of course, is self-evidently nonsense (if it were true, the Palestinians would have been nuked long ago). What is disappointing for me is that the Independent has fallen […]

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