Well, it’s all over, another Labour victory for the UK. It was a slight surprise given all the media reporting and all the people I know voting for something else. Looking at the results, it doesn’t look as though anyone else had a real chance.
Locally, the Cambridge results were somewhat interesting, with a major shift from Labour to the Liberal Democrats this time around. This is likely to be due to the large student population in this area, to whom the Liberals particularly appealed.
This leads me to thoughts of what the local people may think. The student population is not around much more than half of the year, and virtually none of us will end up living with the results in Cambridge. We all move on in 3 years, and are given sheltered student accomodation and no need to face the wider world. If I were a Cambridge resident, would I want the student population swinging the vote?
What to do? It would be interesting to get some statistical analysis on what would change if the student votes had been counted at their homes rather than here. I think almost nothing would change at home. But what of Cambridge?

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