Independent Inquiries

Whenever a pressure group asks for an independent inquiry, it simply means that they want an appeal. The last inquiry didn’t produce a result they were happy with, so let’s have another one.

This idea came up in a blog post which, unfortunately, I forget. But it’s clearly affected me, as now I take any demands for an “independent inquiry” with a pinch of salt. Let’s look at the latest example.

Anthony Cox is a renowned pharmacologist. He blogs here. After reading much of his commentary, I confess I agree with pretty much all of what he says. He is intimately familiar with the subject matter, and argues clearly and passionately. Thus the quotes below are not to be taken in vain:

Paul Flynn MP (Newport West) said the report on the dangerous reaction to the drug’s trial is a predictable whitewash. It was an act of lamentable lack of care to give a drug, never before ingested by human beings, to six people virtually simultaneously.

There’s been much discussion about the said drugs trial on this blog. As a pharmacologist, Anthony has recorded pretty much every discussion around. Thus his comments are often much more relevant and pointed.

If people are trying to suggest the MHRA have learnt nothing from the TGN1412 trial, then I think they are wrong. The fact that all similar trials of biologicals will now require external expert review, is clear evidence that they have learnt something – and this is only an interim report. I personally think the term Whitewash is being thrown about for reasons only tangentially connected with the TGN1412 trial.

Please read the whole article. Also remember to vote “no” in the poll at the end. Media bias has been a particular theme for me, but this post reminds me that really media sensationalism is what really annoys me.

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  1. Tim
    Posted July 8, 2006 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    Oh come on. Have you looked at anything to do with the MHRA?
    Corruption and whitewash are their bread and butter.


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